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Bookings and Registrations

- Bookings and registration for all paid classes, courses and events are taken via The Mindful Mummy website and must be paid in full before commencing the booked session. 


- The Mindful Mummy reserves the right to cancel a course before it starts if there is a problem with the venue or class size. In the event of cancellation, you will be contacted by The Mindful Mummy. Please ensure your contact information on file is up to date. Your course fee will be returned and The Mindful Mummy will endeavour to offer you an opportunity to attend another course. 

- If The Mindful Mummy has to cancel a class, you will be offered a pro rata refund for the cancelled class(es) or The Mindful Mummy will replace the class at another time. The Mindful Mummy will contact you to inform you of the cancellation. Please ensure your contact information on file is up to date. 


- Course refunds can be given within 10 days prior to the beginning of the course commencing. You must request your refund in writing, preferably by email to

- No refunds can be given for a missed class.

Cancellations and Refunds - Covid-19, Government Regulations or Pandemics

- If The Mindful Mummy classes must cease operating due to a Covid-19 outbreak, government regulations or guidelines, or lockdown, all classes and courses will be moved online.

- Refunds will not be given if classes and courses must move online due to Covid-19 or government regulations. 

- The difference in price for online classes and courses will be taken into account and modifications will be made to the length of the classes and courses. 


- No later than two weeks before your term or block booking runs out, The Mindful Mummy will offer you the option of renewing for another term or block booking. Places will remain on a first come first serve basis.

Safety and Wellbeing

- Participants are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their child(ren) during the entire length of the Magic Little Moments class they are attending. 

- Participating in a The Mindful Mummy class is entirely at your own risk without any proven negligence, breach of duty of care or lack of due diligence by The Mindful Mummy.

- If drinking a hot beverage, please ensure that it is kept out of reach of children. 

- To help minimize safety hazards, please keep small items out of reach of children to prevent choking.  

- Please respect the wishes of other parents, if they have a safety concern please listen with compassion and make any adjustments necessary to help eliminate the safety concern.  

- If a participant behaves in a way that The Mindful Mummy feels unreasonable, dangerous or threatening, then The Mindful Mummy reserves the right to withdraw the provision of classes to the participant. 

- Your instructor, Rhay Spouse, is trained in infant and child first aid and CPR.  If you feel you need help or support at any time, please ask your instructor. 

- Please help keep the The Mindful Mummy class space a welcoming and friendly one! 
- There may be topics that arise which may be triggering for parents, please do not hesitate to ask your instructor for information and signposting to relevant support and services. 

Equity, Equality, Social Justice and Inclusion

- The Mindful Mummy welcomes and accepts all parents and caregivers and the children in their care, regardless of their background, age or gender.

- Adaptations will always be made for any participant who may need it

- The Mindful Mummy promotes diversity 

- The Mindful Mummy is committed to continually educating ourselves on social justice and the effects of race and poverty in the world

- The Mindful Mummy is committed to ensuring that every baby has the opportunity to receive love and nurturing care as part of The Mindful Mummy classes, courses and events, regardless of their background.

- Subsidised spaces are available for parents and caregivers who may otherwise be unable to afford The Mindful Mummy services.

- The Mindful Mummy is committed to offering free services to the community including parent meet-ups and support groups. 

Social Media and Photography 

- In order to respect the privacy of participants, please refrain from taking photographs of other participants and their children, unless permission is given. 

- Participants are welcome to take photographs of themselves and their own child(ren) in class.

- Please do not divulge personal information about other participants on social media without their permission. The Mindful Mummy is a safe space where participants can openly talk about parenthood, please respect everyone’s privacy.

- The Mindful Mummy will only share photos taken in class where permission has been given by the participants who are in the image. These photos will only be shared on social media if permission has been given.

Privacy Statement/GDPR

The Mindful Mummy collects the personal data of you and your child in order to deliver classes to you. This will only be information you provide. The Mindful Mummy does not collect your data from social media or anywhere else. Your registration information will be stored securely in Google Mail and it will not be shared with anyone. The Mindful Mummy will keep your sign up forms for a period of 1 year after your course finishes, when they will be deleted.

The Mindful Mummy is participating in the NHS ‘Test and Trace’ program. If contacted by the NHS about a case of covid-19 within your class setting, we will provide them with your contact details so they can get in touch with you. 

The Mindful Mummy will not send you any marketing, unless you have subscribed to The Mindful Mummy mailing list, though you will be contacted with information about the course you are signed up for and with a renewal option when your course comes to an end.
Your email address will not be shared with anyone else without your permission. The Mindful Mummy will keep any emails that you send for two years just as a record of our conversation.

The class is a safe space and no pictures will be taken without anyone’s consent. The Mindful Mummy may take pictures in order to promote a course, however care will be taken to protect everyone’s privacy. If pictures are taken, it will only be with your consent and you will be fully informed as to how they will be used.

Please contact The Mindful Mummy by email or direct message if you have any questions about the information you are providing, your rights or any concerns about your privacy.

You have rights over how your data is handled, including the right to have it erased. Please contact me if you have any questions about your data or how it is used. 

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