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Our list of Retreat Days for 2022/2023

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The Mummy's
Retreat Day 

Sunday 28th August 
11am - 3pm
Crescent Yoga, St Annes

I invite you to join me for this truly beautiful day retreat, welcoming us Mama’s together through nurturing practices and nourishing our mind, body’s and souls.

A safe space to be held, to inward for self love and self care whilst enjoying the gorgeous treatments and exercises of
- Meditation
- Reiki
- Journalling
- Manifesting Your Motherhood journey
- Cacao
- Nourishing Lunch & Refreshments

You also get a stunning pamper package also.

I’ve created this space to bring Mummies together whilst filling up their cups, supporting their wellbeing, giving them back time and balance whilst using practices I have personally and professionally worked in for so long.
Expecting Mummies also welcome. 

£56 per person 

Payment plans available - Please contact Rhay via email

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