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Why these 5 top tips will help you with early pregnancy anxiety

And so the lines appear. It's there right in front of you. You are creating life. You are carrying life. You are a Mother. Yes. You are a Mother. Your journey begins here. From the moment those cells and the universe came together to decide your time for Motherhood was coming, you became a Mother. The most common time for us to find out we are pregnant is around 6-8 weeks, its maybe due to a missed period or an onset of symptoms. And with the fluctuatiosn of homrones, the sore boobs, nausea and exhaustion, we have typically shown more focus to the phsyical symptoms and not the emotional awareness around early pregnancy. Here are some of the emotions that Mum's have shared with me about their early pregnancy - - fear

- anxious

- excited

- happy

- scared

- terrified I looked at this list and I saw a common theme and I asked some more, 'why do you feel this way?' and they replied -

'I wasn't ready for a baby, so I am worried about everything!' 'I'm scared something might happen to the baby' 'I'm worried incase there is anything wrong with my baby' 'I am so excited to become a Mum, but wow, its a lot to take in isn't it' All of these I absolutely guarantee are thought of at least once daily by a newly expecting Mama. It is absolutely valid that we feel this way. We are allowed to be scared. I was one of them, I still am. 27 weeks pregnant and I have my days of 'is he okay? he's not wriggling as much' - but I have learntg to work with my body and mind to know my intuition tells me, 'he's doing just fine'. Being fearful in preghnancy is totally normal, it is a completley new experience, every baby you have whether it's your first or your fourth, its welcome. It comes from a place of love, that we deeply care, that we just want everything to be okay.

It is never too early to start preparing our mindset for pregnancy and motherhood. I actually think its vital to begin to work with the magic of mindset because why wouldn't you want to give yourself the best start to getting your body in a relaxed, balanced, calm state to home and cradle your baby in.

So here are my 5 Top Tips for early pregnancy and how to manage those feelings of worry and anxiety when they rare themselves.

1. Begin a daily practice for your mindset, whether this is meditation, journaling, affirmations or visualization. Begin activating a positive mindset.

2. Go inwards, when you find yourself worrying or overthinking, be your own referee - remind yourself, you are safe, all is well and repeat this to yourself.

3. Practise breathing techniques such as box breathing - not only will this benefit you for your hypnobirthing course later in your pregnancy, it will create calm in your mind to bring you back to the here and now, reminding you all is well.

4. Be your biggest cheerleader of love and self-care - really go inwards and decide what you need and give yourself a daily self-care routine to do match that happy, positive vibration.

5. Connect and grow with your baby. Nurture, be at one with each other, use visualization to connect and send all the love and happiness to your growing little one. Okay and a bonus tip - Gather round your support network, have a handful of people on hand to help you, support and guide you through these first few weeks and months. For the days you are exhuasted or so nauseous, it can mean a lot to have someone drop off a bit of shopping or pick up the kids from school. Call in your tribe. Of course I deeply and absolutely respect and understand that not all pregnancies are so simple or straightforward, we know there can be heartache and loss amongst these experiences but if we dwell on that expectation or part, we miss the moments - we miss all the magic focusing on the worry and you want to embrace every part of it you can and more. We give love and though to any babies that never made it earth side and to the parents who have lost. If you are interested in preparing yourself through your early pregnancy, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. You can book a free discovery call at to find out more about the support I can offer during pregnancy, labour & birth.

Rhay x

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