It's ALL in your head? Not quite. Why we should soothe and de-stress in Pregnancy.

It's easier said than done in the wild world we live in, but stress just doesn't affect us mentally or emotionally. Oh no, there's a whole other game being played that we might not even notice. You see when we are on edge and fighting the fires of every day life and it's pressures, we are activating the sympathetic nervous system. And may I add, these don't have to be incredibly overwhelming triggers for stress, the tiniest little bit affects you too. This is the one that gives us the 'flight' or 'fight' reaction when we feel that pressure building. In addition to this our cortisol hormone levels begin to rise, and well...cortisol when maintained at a high level or function can begin to cause physical disturbances in our body as well as mental ones. You know that feeling of sickness, the feeling of palpitations, it can be really unpleasant. Not to mention you already have enough going on hey Mama-to-be? Stress in pregnancy has been linked to lower birth weights for babies along with prematurity being a creeping risk also. Research also shows that blood pressure raised which can result in an onset of Preeclampsia which is a complication and could result in early delivery of your baby. Enough I get it, we get the picture - Stress isn't good for the baby. It definitely isn't good for you.

Why is Pregnancy Relaxation SO important? When you relax your parasympathetic nervous system takes over your body, it regulates the work of your organs and releases acetylocholine which slows your heart rate down and helps your body conserve energy (perfect for labour and birth right? wink! wink!) Over time it begins to support your body in the most amazing ways when relaxation is incorporated into your every day. Too true!

  • You will think more clearly and be able to make clearer decisions and choices around your care right through the rest of your pregnancy, into labour and birth.

  • Digestion gets back on track - and if you are getting hit hard by the third trimester heartburn then take this one and put it in your tool box. Who knew a little relaxation could gut a long way? (See what I did there?!)

  • Your muscles relax and this eases tension in your body. Tension held in the jaw affects the pelvis and you need your little lovely cocoon of a womb to bring all that love and joy to fill around baby so they are kept safe, comforted and relaxed too! (Plus it helps with labouring and we cover that in the Hypnobirthing workshops).

We get so focused on looking after our physical selves during pregnancy, we often don't realise or haven't appreciated in the past the huge mental and emotional transition that occurs when becoming a parent. In fact, I believe this area takes much longer to recover than our bodies. Research showed women who were between 6 - 12 months suggested they still felt mentally in need of support rather than physically. Not to mention the benefits that come with Pregnancy Relaxation, of course all this work and wonderful magic of our motherhood and baby bearing bodies, there has to be some glory in all of this.

  • Those who engaged in pregnancy relaxation had fewer hospital admissions during their pregnancy.

  • It had a more positive outcome on their emotional health and their relationships.

  • It reduced the need for interventions or caesarean sections.

That being said, there is never a better time to try pregnancy relaxation. My Mummies who join us are enjoying such a wonderful environment of calm whilst making new Mummy friends and reaping the positive benefits as they move through their pregnancy journey. You can join Pregnancy Relaxation on Monday evenings at 8pm - Richmond House Holistic Rooms and you can book here for your free trial -

Just pop your name along with 'Baby' and sign up for your free trial. We do blocks of 4 or Pay As You Go options coming in March 2022. I hope to see you there Mama... And remember, RELAX Love & Wishes Rhay x