Why is Baby Massage more than just a baby class?

When I entered the world of baby massage, I truly didn't expect it to have the effect on my family in the way that it did. If you have read my last blog post form my husband, you will read how baby massage helped him overcome the challenges of bonding as a first time Father, but I am here to tell you a little more how that works.

Why is Baby Massage more than just a baby class? It creates connection, confidence, community. It brings you into a world that is just for you and your baby, it stops time and allows you to focus on the here and now, being totally present. Now more than ever, I recognised when working in the mental health services just the impact on baby massage for parents who were struggling to cope with the transition into parenthood, with a million other circumstances around them. Having this time and this moment to connect and cherish without any interruption soon showed benefits to both parent and baby. Here are some of the evidence-based benefits below.

  • It deepened and enhanced their bonding

  • It benefited babies development and infant mental health

  • It creates calm, reducing stress and anxiety in parents

  • It lowered the risk of emotional distress such as postnatal depression

  • It supported babies in their self-regulation helping with feeding, sleeping and reaching milestones.

  • It had great soothing benefits to babies who struggled with digestive issues such as colic.

What can I expect from a class with The Mindful Mummy? Within The Mindful Mummy classes you are supported into a calm and gentle space where you can really absorb yourself into the magic and mindset of starting this lovely class with your baby. We start with a grounding technique for you and your baby, helping you settle yourself into your environment as I hold the space for you just be. We block out the day, we block out the minutes and become fully present. We follow this on with a lovely visualization for you and baby with eye gazing and facial movement, to help your baby identify and mirror your face, learning and growing as they go. We then begin our baby massage sequence and focus on different areas of the body, giving you time for you and your baby to adapt the technique, recognise the gorgeous benefits it has on you both and we slowly introduce other areas as the time goes by. Each week welcomes a theme and with the theme we have some baby sensory experience at the end of massage sequence. Before we close, we welcome another wellbeing practice for you and your baby such as gentle movement, song & rhyme, breathwork and also a sharing circle.

Throughout the session I will share some insight into how you have benefited you and your baby's wellbeing with some information and you will also recieve a guidance booklet also. The class is open to mums, dads, grandparents, caregivers. We welcome babies from 6 weeks old to crawling

We provide light refreshments. We do hold space and support for parents who find themselves needing additional support and you can always approach me either in class or online. The Mindful Mummy aims to give more than just a class, but an experience, coming from a place of love, connection and support for you and your baby. Proudly supporting and empowering you to create the beautiful foundations for you and your baby's connection and bonding. Our next baby massage course starts Wednesday 21st September from 10am - 11am in St Annes, Lancashire. Other venues will be announed shortly. If you would like more information on booking please click here Love & Light Rhay Xx