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#theprenatalme - The importance of Prenatal Care

I know they say no pregnancy is the same, and it is true it isn't. This pregnancy has been far harder than my other two, but to hear the reasons from others be 'well you are an older Mum now.' or 'It's always harder when you have other children.' and my favourite 'Well it's cause you are carrying a boy.' - well that just doesn't sit right with me. I absolutely accept no pregnancy will be the same, and that my life is different now, and that I may feel different because its a boy, but does it warrant an air of unimportance because its my third? Absolutely not. I do feel there is this lack of willing to address support and services available the further into motherhood we go. It's like we should just 'know' what is to come or what happens next, but the truth is, clinical advice changes, services change, no two pregnancy is the same. So if every time is a new experience, we should be treated as if it is so and that is why I am really excited to move into this sector and be able to shout about that from the rooftops. I had a moment with my maternity care, it wasn't great and I felt a little swept a side. No reassurance, concerns and a lack of support. It happens, I get it. Our services are under huge pressure right now and believe me for one second I am not damning the NHS here. In fact, they have been bloody wonderful throughout this whole ordeal. Working for the NHS too, well I admire every single one of my colleagues, teams, management members across the board, they have achieved the absolute unthinkable. I will always be grateful for being part of it. What I love even more is that the barriers to care throughout the pandemic have initiated a movement in Mummies to take the reigns and start embracing their own path of parenting. We often fall into the trap of adhering to policy, professional suggestion and what other Mum's experiences or opinions are - I have seen such a huge turn of approach in this. I have seen Mum's approaching parenting with their own morals, intuition and desire for parenting their babies their own way, whilst building support systems and friendships to enable others to do this too and its been so lovely to see. The Prenatal Prep Pod is a community for Mums and their growing families to access support, advice, services all with a holistic approach to their pregnancy journey's and keeping Mum and baby's wellbeing in mind. The questions, the uncertainties, the options for all things pregnancy and baby related whilst empowering you to decide what is best for you and your family.

You can find support and advice on -

- birthing options and what is available.

- breastfeeding guides to help you decide if it is right for you and your baby

- finances, maternity and paternity leave - blended families and family dynamics - Coping with mental and emotional wellbeing

- Nutrition, exercise & physical health. - Freebies and prizes too - And many many more... We want to be part of this journey with you. We want to watch you thrive and embrace your pregnancy journey and be able to help you to do so. You can find The Prenatal Prep Pod on Facebook and click here to join, we would love to have you.

See you there


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