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Guest Blog - Dagy’s Diary - A Mama on a Mission of Clean Toxin Free Living.

Hi I'm Dagy!

A mummy to a 4.5 year old and currently 8 months pregnant. The birth of my 4 year old Emilia transformed me into a different reality. The whole understanding of the world changed completely, it opened up my mind and eyes to see the reality, almost like I was living a lie in a perfect world? Emilia come into the world with induction. I was induced because of our local hospital's policy. On her due date I went in because I thought I felt her less, however the heartbeat and other readings were totally perfect, due to the hospital's policy they advised us to be induced within 2 days. As first time parent’s we were obviously unsure, we questioned by asking do we have to do it? The answer was obviously that it is our choice! But then you are left questioning yourselves and asking, but what if? There must be a reason why such a policy is in place! Now 4 years later approaching my second labor and reading and learning about hypnobirthing my mind is actually fully blown away! If I knew then what I know now it would be a completely different experience! I would not accept the induction, because there was no actual risk to my baby, it was just a moment of my brain questioning if everything is ok and probably being a little impatient for her to come! I ended up having all the possible pain killers including the epidural at the end. My baby girl arrived after 26 long hours from the start of the induction. Today it feels like the world has opened up to natural solutions, and we are not listening or following the system as much anymore. If the NHS antenatal classes gave at least a glimpse of hypnobirthing information it would change so many birthstories for the better!

So yes, now being 8 months pregnant with my second baby girl I know that I am more empowered to listen to myself, ask questions, decide on risks and tell them what I want and what will be best for my baby when she finally enters this world! I am prepared and my advice to the new first time mummies out there is to make sure you are informed, read hypnobirthing books, attend hypnobirthing classes, don’t waste time on NHS antenatal classes (unless something has changed in the system), and prepare for the afterbirth.

The afterbirth. As I said above, the birth of my first baby transformed me. I instantly had this instinct of protecting her and questioning everything! Are these nappies good for her? Is this cream really ok for her? And once I started questioning all the little things a completely mind blowing different world opened up to me. I discovered that what is classed safe by authorities that approve products is in fact a lie. They don’t care if lotions, make up, perfume, cleaning chemicals, baby creams, wipes, toys etc make us sick, in fact no one draws the line between such things. So instantly I started to study each product I have in my home and made better swaps. I read the ingredients lists, scanned them and studied them, by doing this I slowly detoxed my home from anything that could be harmful and in exchange brought in natural solutions. The main thing that changed my life was essential oils. I learned how and when to use them. I used them for myself as well as my daughter. If I needed to support her immune system I reached for an immune support blend that I could make up myself, if there were cuts or grazes I reached for a herbal essential oil to clean it up and help her heal! Teething- puring a sachet of sugary thing in a baby's mouth just didn’t sit with me right, so again reaching out for an essential oil that supported her for the pain was my first option! Because they are herbs and plants like our grandmas used!

I packed a box of all the cleaning chemicals I owned and stored them away. A year later I threw them as I never reached back for them, got rid of synthetic candles and air fresheners because I learned that they are major hormone disruptors. And what does a new mum and a newborn baby needs? A support for hormones not a disruption for their bonding and babies development! There is a major difference between my first and second pregnancy, obviously not one pregnancy is the same, but I truly believe because I have pure essential oils in my life and the knowledge that the community behind these essential oils have given me in regards of supplementing and nourishing myself, I have been able to navigate this pregnancy better. I listen to what I need, and I support myself. By detoxing synthetic fragrances, chemicals and toxins out of my life, I know my hormones are in a much better place. Wearing a natural body perfume that not just smells good but supports your hormones such as Jasmine, Magnolia, Lavender or blends like Passion and Beautiful has been extremely helpful! I have been able to support my nausea with essential oils like Ginger, ZenGest and Peppermint taking them internally or just in the diffuser. Using deep blue and turmeric for inflammation, back pain or swollen legs and feet! Approaching labor and for the labor I will be using Clary sage as that Is proven to help with contractions, during the labor diffusing and applying on my skin oils like lavender,balance or cedarwood. And this time around I will not forget to look after myself once the baby is finally here. What happens is mothers are forgotten and if we don’t take care of our wellbeing we can drift off into depression and mental health issues. I am now preparing for the postpartum stage meaning I will have nourishing foods and snacks prepared, not having takeaways and whatever my other half is able to get from the shops! Supplementing with high quality supplements to support my recovery, immune system and make sure I am healthy enough to give my baby the best I can!

Did you know that we are planting a seed for the health of our grandkids? Your child that you have given birth will pass on the peace of your health. Our lifestyle impacts our future generations. If we don’t look after ourselves our placentas are passing on toxins, chemicals and microplastics. It is important to be mindful of what we use daily and environment around us, therefore I invite you to follow my page on instagram @dagys_diary where I have already shared multiple ways of how to detox your life and planing to add so much more education. If you are looking for natural solutions to support your family I am also inviting you to join my community where we work extremely hard to educate our customers daily - September topic in community is Kids wellness month where we are pulling topics on kids supplements, school uniforms, pain management, interview with a homeopath and other specialists. It is an amazing like minded community if you are interested in lowering your families toxic exposure. To access this community all you need is to purchase a membership or a kit of essential oils that gives you a free membership. I encourage everyone to simply get in touch with me to discuss the best ways to get started. This community teached me all I know, and I am so inspired that I love to contribute and help other families! We have a saying :‘’There is an oil for that ‘’, so if you have an issue let’s see if I can help!

If I was to be introduced to essential oils and hypnobirthing 5 years ago I would be saying ‘’No thanks, I don’t believe in this voo voo stuff!’’ However if I had to give advice to myself 5 years ago I would say - open up your mind, believe in it and listen. Because being informed with the knowledge that comes with these 2 topics are extremely important for our future! It combines mental health, your wellbeing, your children's wellbeing and the future generations! We already live in a world where every 3rd child has some sort of health issue, whether it is more severe or less, but together we can work for the better!

Thank you for reading, I hope I have helped to empower you in some way and just know to trust your mama instinct!

Dagy x

Wow! It’s been so inspiring to hear from Dagy and her experience with pregnancy and her mission for clean living. Thank you so much for sharing with us lovely 🙏🏻

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