Groupie Love

Okay that sounds more weird than I expected it too, but see what I’m really trying to get at is the importance of parenting groups, not just when baby is here but for mummy’s & daddy’s preparing to embark on parenthood, whether that’s a new journey or not.

I started really look into this during my dissertation at University, when I studied the effects of postnatal depression and having had it myself it was a really good opportunity to reflect and make sense of the experiences that I’d had. As if parenthood isn’t hard enough, count in the upheaval of sleeping patterns, the emotions and the hormones, the loss of identity, the struggle of self esteem and 1 million more questions that race through our minds every single day. Even more so, as the pandemic hit the social aspect of parenting hard, it fell underneath the restrictions and we became more dependent on social media as a cue and measure just how right or wrong we were getting things.

It’s without doubt that strength comes in numbers and I truly believe you can’t have too many more new friends or support lines. I’ve watched so many friendships blossom through much needed support which has been offered during this time of need for each other. There’s a particular lady who I watch on my socials and I just absolutely love watching her grow as a Mummy. It’s these moments which makes my passion and desire for parent & baby wellbeing so ignited.

Now expecting my third baby, I see just how important these bonds and friendships are. How the opportunity of expressing fears and worries over a cup of coffee or walk is hugely beneficial. Not just after baby arrives, but as you prepare for life to change once again.

With my postnatal depression so severe with my eldest, I saw the effects this had on me creating other friendships and connections, my inner beliefs wouldn’t allow it, my feelings of worthlessness and self esteem sucked my confidence dry. Imagine now creating a support system with that in mind, where you can lack confidence and you can lack belief in yourself, yet you meet people who are feeling the same and in turn aim to lift you up. Imagine.

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Rob is a first time Dad and yet there is nothing in the area I’ve seen for him to meet other Dads-to-be or other Dad mates that he can get tips & advice from. In fact, the whole prenatal process has been quite poor, especially when taking Dad’s into consideration. Considering what we know about postnatal depression in Dads and the insane high statistics of it, it baffles me that we aren’t doing more. I’ve seen more and more of it at work, it’s happening, yet nothing. We’ll change that, don’t worry.

So for those of you who know me, you know when I see something that needs change or requires motivation, I’m there with my battering ram. I’m ready to knock down all barriers of prevention and look the scary stuff in the face and say ‘No. This is not how it’s going to go anymore. I’m here to change it all up.’ As my dissertation comes closely to an end, it’s taken me to a place where I truly identify where I belong in my work, what I can offer parents and their babies through my nurture practice & more importantly be a voice of change and bring about the much needed preparation, support and change to parenthood.

A new range of classes will be announced in the Autumn and if you’d like to know more, please pop and subscribe.

Rhay x

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