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Birth Stories - Ella & Hughie

Ella’s Story - ^Trigger Warning^

I found my labour extremely painful even though I gave birth in 5 hours to my first born son Hughie. With a further 4 hours afterwards for the stitching and poor aftercare, I had absolutely no idea what to expect after birth. I gave birth with no pain relief other than paracetamol and a bit of gas and air which made me feel sick. I found the whole experience absolutely really traumatising but that’s because it was a case of “ the unknown”. I had blood clots and I had tearing during birth too which again added to what was an awful experience.

Of course when my little one arrived it was the best feeling in the world and I would never change that but the labour and birth was truly not what I expected. I had been extremely nervous for giving birth and going into labour because I didn’t know what was coming or what to expect at all.

I really feel like if I had all the information and more awareness, this would have supported me into getting ready for labour and birth but again I kept thinking about it all the time anyway. I had a birth plan to have a water birth and it was ok for a part of my labour but then it didn’t workout and I gave birth on the bed.

If I could go back I wouldn’t do much differently I would say I was extremely strong and my body took over and I took the ride throughout the whole journey but looking I wish I did hypnobirthing or antenatal classes looking back to give me more guidance about labour and birth.

Many Mummies come to me for support after a traumatic birth experience and they always say the same thing ‘I wish I knew what to expect before’

Ell’s experience is not uncommon and yet for her and every mama that goes through it, this truly leaves an imprint of their experience of bringing their baby into the world. We know once it’s all said and done, the joy and love that radiates is incredible. However, it shapes our views of labour and birth and impacts how we may feel about it the next time, possibly even putting women off for life.

Within my Birth, Baby & You course - we create your vision from pregnancy right through to parenthood. We include and talk about all stages of labour, birth and afterbirth too.

It’s my mission to support as many women into the motherhood experience as they so wish it and this includes the transition through labour & birth.

Ell has shown amazing bravery sharing her story with us and I’m so grateful. I’m grateful because it shows that with knowledge and awareness around your labour and birth experience, it can avoid fearful & difficult situations.

Congratulations Ell & Hughie

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