Birth Stories - Astoria & Wynter

I’ve had 3 amazing pregnancies but I had 2 previous traumatic birth experiences (both natural births, hypnobirthed) but I felt decisions were out of my control and just ended up not being the birth I had planned. So my third birth (2nd birth during the middle of a pandemic, so I was a little bit more prepared than my 2nd) but I really wanted to have a totally different experience to remember this time, so I went to Rhay and did a full day hypnobirthing retreat class with her. She made me feel and believe that no matter what changes from my “plan” that everything by is still in my control.

We practised breathing techniques, questions to ask to really make sure I was the one in full control.

I felt positive.

Due to the size of baby from growth scans and previous big babies I was told I was to be induced again, all I wanted was 3rd time lucky to finally have the water birth I had always wanted. So I explained to the consultants this, and they agreed to give me a date to be induced but planned 5 sweep dates to try and get me to start labour naturally as possible, I had contractions on and off all week but nothing really got going.

I went in on the Sunday, they checked me over and my waters were ready to be broken, the decided they no longer needed to actually induce me… but I was then told I couldn’t have the water birth I had been planning once again because I had been in for reduced movements a couple of weeks previous (I didn’t know this was even a thing) so I cried after trying so hard all week, having all my sweeps to be told no matter what I did basically there was no chance of this!

So I allowed myself to cry and then took some deep breaths and went down to delivery suites. I discussed all this again with my midwives, said I didn’t want the hormone drip if I absolutely didn’t need this. I had this with my previous births.

We discussed all the details and said if it gets to the stage I need it, they are the experts and I will of course be guided by their advice if I had to have it but let’s try without it. Again I was trying to keep the birth how I wanted it as much as possible.

My waters were broken and my baby had pooed in there, so on the drip I went. I was gutted about this, but we tried, and this was the next best way to keep it as natural as possible still.

I explained to the midwives my concerns and worries from my first 2 births and together we all made a plan which made me feel relaxed & comfortable, taking back the control.

Building that trust and relationship with me midwives was amazing and definitely helped the whole experience.

They dimmed the lights, spoke quietly, and allowed me to breath through my contractions when they came.

They let me tell them how I was feeling, and let me lead my birth completely. Told them I could feel baby getting ready to come but wasn’t quite there yet, and they acknowledged how I was feeling.

I finally started getting urges to change my breathing to downward breathing, and the midwives totally again let me lead this, they knew I was trusting my body to tell me how and when I wanted to birth my baby at this point.

5 hours active labour, 10 minutes of active pushing contractions, the midwife put her hands around babies head and slowly helped me to relax all my muscles inbetween my contractions, and allowed me to really concentrate on exactly what I was feeling, continuing to do my hypnobirthing & then my beautiful baby arrived 39 weeks weighing 9lbs 4!

I honestly couldn’t have had the birth to look back on where everything was taken out of my control that I had wanted but thanks to Rhay this was the birth I felt the absolute most in control of. I’m so pleased about my birth story’

‘Astoria & Lucy attended a Mindful Mummy Hypnobirthing Retreat Day and it was so lovely to be part of their amazing journey. When Asti messaged and told me of her birth journey, I was truly so thrilled that her Hypnobirthing had really supported her, not just in her breathing techniques and mindset, but in vocalising her desires for her birth journey, no matter how it was changing from moment to moment. It was a blessing to be part of such a gorgeous birth journey.

Congratulations Xx’

The next Hypnobirthing Retreat Day is Sunday 14th August - 10am-4pm at Crescent Yoga Studio, St Annes.

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