Believing in your boobies - World Breastfeeding Week

With all 3 of my children, my breastfeeding journeys were all completely different and although mostly short, I still give myself the credit for being able to manage what I could at the time. For me a fed baby is a happy baby, right?

My most recent experience with our 10 month old resulted in us absolutely smashing the beginning of our breastfeeding journey and into week 3 he started coming out in hives whenever I fed him.

No one could give us any support - not 111, the GP or the midwife and in fear of my baby starving, the bottle went in. I felt defeated, I felt super let down by services too.

The provisions available now are far more greater than they were when I had my eldest just over a decade ago. There was no preparation, there was no explanation as to why breastfeeding was recommended over bottles at that time and although the current guidelines from WHO still say we should be exclusively breastfeeding under 6 months, we have to accept it isn’t for everyone.

And that’s OKAY!

From beginning to end of my motherhood journey there was one thing I now look back on and found I was significantly missing…

I didn’t believe in my boobies

It wasn’t until I took an amazing class by The Honest Midwife from Let’s Talk Birth & Baby about infant feeding that the understanding of breastfeeding, the mechanics, how our bodies respond to our babies and their needs and how to get the best out of breastfeeding did I realise just how freaking awesome our boobies and bodies are. Even more so!

I found once I started to really tap into my own belief of being able to breastfeed, knowing to trust my body to make it happen, that I could. Having that mindset was literally a game changer for me. It gave me so much more confidence and it started to boost me in other areas as well.

It was the morning of my wedding day, at nearly 30 weeks pregnant in the July summer heat, I went to for a shower when I noticed my boobs felt wet, warm & sticky. Well I clearly had the oxytocin flowing that morning. My boobs had began to leak colostrum and I had a wedding dress to wear. Quickly improvising with some sanitary pads, I had some breast pads to prevent leaking through my dress. In that moment, I realised I was feeling so much love and joy, my hormones were happy and this had caused my letdown of colostrum. I began harvesting colostrum (collecting in a syringe) when I could and this just had an even bigger effect on my confidence… I could express too, I could breastfeed easily. I totally had this!

It was then it started to click…

By keeping as relaxed, welcoming joy and happiness into my daily routine throughout my pregnancy, I was allowing my body to create the amazing hormones that were needed for more than just breastfeeding, but my own well-being, for labour, for birth and for my postpartum health too.

It really started to make sense to me more, it started with believing my boobies, my body and my mindset.

I continued my Hypnobirthing journey after baby was born, latching baby and whenever it felt a bit uncomfortable, I would hypnobirth my way through it. I knew immediately I had to teach this to my Mamas too and so I do… I share with them this amazing way of shifting their mindset to help them and baby start their breastfeeding journey.

My main point of this that I really want to shout out is that, no matter how long you breastfeed for, or what your journey looks like… it’s about you. Your needs are important, how this experience impacts you not just physically but emotionally. However you choose to feed your baby, is your choice. You are Mum and you know your baby best. We didn’t get long with our feeding journey, but I learnt to appreciate and love the moments we had and the time we did. I definitely believe this came through mindset for me.

Although I’m no breastfeeding expert, I’ve worked and introduced mindset & hypnobirthing to breastfeeding Mamas and had the most amazing feedback. I truly believe it comes down to believing in yourself and your baby.…

it’s all about believing in your boobies

Rhay Xx

A huge thank you to The Honest Midwife and FAB Lancashire for all their amazing support too. The Honest Midwife is a super affordable infant feeding online class packed with humour and a total no BS approach. I absolutely loved her!

Fab Lancashire are a peer support breastfeeding service and have such a lovely team including contactable in the evening, which is when I found I needed them most!

For anymore information, please take a look at the The Mindful Mummy website