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Baby Massage - A First Time Dad’s Perspective

I have to give huge thanks to my husband Rob for his honesty around his experience as a first time Dad.

Here is what he had to say about his experience of becoming a first time Dad and how baby massage supported his connection with our baby boy.

As a first time father I really did not know what to expect, I really struggled to bond and connect with this new precious little boy that was now dependent on me for his every need.

I felt disconnected. I felt hopeless. I felt lost.

As my wife was solely breastfeeding, at times every 30 minutes, I had no time with my boy and felt like I was a failure because he just constantly fed and it felt like he didn’t want me, I didn’t really understand this part of bonding.

Then I started baby massage.

This was my time. This was my moment to connect and have some incredible time together with my boy. I made the bed time routine mine and seeing the relaxation on his face and the bond we were creating really made me feel worthy and able to be the father I needed to be. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and really gave me confidence to connect with him in other ways and now I look back so thankful that I used baby massage as a tool and technique to help me bond and connect, but also I gained understanding of his development.

I thought I was prepared and although Rhay teaches everything and I was so prepared for labour and birth through her Hypnobirthing practice; it was what came next that felt completely alien to me.

Baby Massage is a truly amazing opportunity for any Dad, parent, couple who need time to process, bond and connect with their baby.


I can’t thank Rhay enough, her support was amazing and she is an incredible woman 💖

Being able to share my knowledge and experience with Rob was truly so beautiful as I got to see his bond with Jude unfold and giving him that protective bedtime routine was so important for us all. It also gave me time to connect with our daughters.

We went on to share baby massage with them too which equally supported their bond also.

Baby Massage has a huge range of benefits, not just for baby, but for the whole family. It can be really used as a wonderful opportunity to help siblings gain sense of calm and confidence with their new little sibling and it can strengthen and support parents in their relationship as it levels up into the world of parenthood with a newborn.

The essence of connection, creation, confidence and communication thrives throughout The Mindful Mummy baby massage courses and workshops.

Our next 5 week course for Baby Massage starts on Wednesday 21st September and you can find out smore information by clicking here

Looking for something more personal?

New Offering

1-1 Couples Baby Massage Workshop

To book one of our workshops then please click here

I’m looking forward to welcoming new parents & babies into the world of baby massage this September.

If you wish to know anymore about any services or workshops then please don’t hesitate to message me directly via the Facebook page or on our contact form on

Love & Light

Rhay Xx

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