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7 Benefits of Hypnobirthing

It always amazes me when meeting a new expecting Mummy-to-be. I can guarantee that when I ask them if they’ve tried Hypnobirthing they usually give me one of two answers - ‘No, what’s that?’ or ‘Yeah I‘ve heard about it but isn’t it just breathing through labour?’

Both answers totally excite me!

Euphoria by @birthphotogs

When I was first introduced to Hypnobirthing it had come through the inner work I was doing and therapeutic work I was learning in my mental health days. Learning a technique to help manage fear towards labour & birth, as well as mindset management with relaxation and creating such a strong mentality for Mummies through this, well it had me all of it. I freaking loved this stuff, it was my passion, my fire, my joy and so I dived in and got as much from it as I possibly could.

What became even more apparent was that this was not just a practice or one off use of techniques. No way. This would go on to benefit me in so many other arenas of my life and motherhood. Its a life long investment to my health and well-being as a Mum.

Hypnobirthing has a wealth of incredible evidence-based research behind it, forming one of the thousands of therapies out there today.

So what are the 7 benefits of Hypnobirthing?

  • Supports healthy physical and emotional development in infants

  • Reduces the risk of preterm babies, birth trauma & medical intervention

  • Promotes positive birth outcomes

  • Supports women who have had previous traumatic births

  • Research shows it has been proven to shorten the first stage of labour

  • Creates deeper connection and trust between you and your birth partner

  • Reduces fear, anxiety & stress around labour and birth

Although we can’t plan for every aspect of your birth journey, we can create an idea of what you’d like to experience by creating a birth proposal. We open up the world and insight into how Hypnobirthing can support your experience no matter how you choose to give birth to your baby.

You can join one of my free birth proposal experiences in Becoming a Mama - Supporting Your Pregnancy, Labour & Birth community group over on Facebook.

Hypnobirthing Retreat Days

Our next Hypnobirthing Retreat Days takes place on Sunday 14th August from 10am - 4pm includes all your materials, audios and a lovely fresh lunch along with refreshments. Birth partners are welcome and if you would like to know more then please contact Rhay via the MM website

For more information, the programme breakdown or any other questions you may have, pop me an email at

Rhay Xx

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