Here you will find all the packages and session I offer. The beauty of what I do means I can meet every Mother at any part of their journey. I welcome expecting Mothers as well as established Mother's also.

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Pregnant Woman


A perfect start for expectant Mother's to self lover and wellbeing journey as she begins the transition into Motherhood.

Included in this course are the most wonderful tools to support and empower you as you transition into motherhood. 
Becoming a Mum is truly and incredible experience, and one that moves with us in the most fragile but beautiful of ways. This package brings awareness, preparation and joy to your pregnancy and birth journey. 

- Hypnobirthing techniuques as a form of relaxation to use in your pregnancy and in benefit to your labour and birthing journey.
- Pregnancy relaxations and meditations 
- Your expectations for yourself as a Mum
- What the world of Motherhood looks 
- Self care and managing the challenges of new motherhood
- Understanding Matrescence (the transition of a woman to a mother) 

You also recieve all course materials straight to your email and lifetime access to guided meditations also. 
You will be welcomed into a gorgeous online community of support and empowerment of other Mummies who have embraced my coaching also. 

The courses run for 6 weeks and are structured with a 1-1 session of 1 and a half hours long taking place online. You also recieve a 10% discount on any of the pregnancy treatments also. 



Motherhood on your terms, encompassiong your wellbeing, happniess and joy in your journey as a parent.

Mum Guilt?
Struggling with Your Identity as a Mum?
Finding the Busyness Challenging?
Coping with Change?

It's without doubt Motherhood can be hard. Not only are we navigating our own expectations of ourselves to meet the needs of our family, but we are also faced with a the world around us, which in this day in age has led to present more stress and challenges around us. 
I was one of the very Mum's facing those difficulties and buckling with burnout, but through my professional and personal journey I found away to overcome this. I get to share this with you in the course I have created and share with Mummies across the globe. 

During this course, you can expect to find a huge shift in not only you as a Mum, but how life moves and daily living lifts in positvity and joy. Most importantly YOU, living your best life, on your terms, filling up your cup and overcoming challenges. 

Included within this 6 week course is 
- your opening session includes a guided meditation and we discover what you need from this course
- Introducing Matrescence & Motherhood 
- Identifying Perspectives & Habits

- Triggers & Letting Go 
- Intentional Inspiration
- Creating your Glow 
- Making Your Motherhood 

We move through the most wonderful journey of self love and self growth to support and empower you into your role as Mother, but importantly as YOU. There is only one of you Mama, and that IS YOUR superpower. 

As part of this course you are welcomed into a gorgeous online community of Mummies along with unlimited access to guided meditations and daily motivations as well as techniques you can use with your families also. 

The course runs for 6 weeks in 1.5 hourly sessions per week online with all course materials, workbooks and a half hour check in midweek.