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Creating your calm and tranquil labour and birthing experience

Hypnobirthing provides an environment of relaxation and taught techniques to guide and support you through your labour & birth whilst creating empowerment for you and your family on this incredible journey into parenthood.

I work through 4 different areas of where Hypnobirthing has it's greatest place and where you can use this in your birthing experience.
We look at a little bit of the history on Hypnobirthing and then focus on how the mind is the tool to use the techniques. I give you insight into how the techniques work so you can get the best understanding of it going forward in your pregnancy, labour & birth.

I talk you through each stage of your journey and you are provided different techniques, relaxations, tips to use within them.

We talk about birth choices and your desired experience, removing any fear or worries in these areas. We also look at how Hypnobirthing can work for other areas - postnatally too - such as breastfeeding or experiencing an array of emotions.

You also recieve -

- Your complete KGHypnobirthing book and audio mp3 with additional resources

- Once you’ve completed your Hypnobirthing course we welcome you to our hypnobirthing parent community.

- You can meet & connect with other parents in the area who have experienced Hypnobirthing too

- You get exclusive access an amazing library of resources available to you throughout your pregnancy and beyond

- Birthing Partners are welcome to join the sessions also

- You get a full pack, including your MP3 relaxation audios for you to use at your leisure, during and after your pregnancy, labour & birth.

The Hypnobirthing Course is delivered online over 4 weeks with the next one starting at the end of June. 
It is also offered 1-1 with you and your birth partner in the comfort of your own home or again on a private online platform too. 


A full day of your Hypnobirthing journey

Hypnobirthing Retreat Days

The Hypnobirthing Retreat Days combine the above programme all into one day with continuous support therafter. Your birth partner is welcome, you will meet other couples to be and you will be treated to a lovely lunch  and selection of refreshments also. 

Prices are £222 per couple
Payment Plans Available.

The next dates are:

Sunday 14th August
Saturday 17th September 
Saturday 15th October

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