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Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postnatal & Baby Loss

Reiki in the online space can be wonderfully and incredibly powerful to help you remove energetic blocks and  hold you in a space to go deep inwards and connect with the inner mother you. 

Reiki has amazing benefits and is used worldwide to enhance wellbeing in many different arenas. 

From the stages of fertility and through to parenthood Reiki has been beneficial in

  • Reducing exhaustion and nausea

  • Emotional balance and confidence 

  • Deep relaxation

  • Reduced stress and tiredness

  • Improved sleep

  • Lessened pain, supporting labour and birth.

  • Deep sense of connection and positivity for both the you and baby

  • Better birth outcomes for you and baby. 

  • Has helped women conceive 

  • Has helped women overcome birth trauma

As we focus into reiki to serve us and  guide our way into our experience of motherhood no matter what part of that journey we may be in, its research has given profound insight into pregnancy, labour and birth.

Individual or course sessions available.
£33 per session or £125 for 5 sessions. 

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Join The Mindful Mummy for a gorgeous 5 week course in baby massage.
Throughout this wonderful course for you and your baby, you will connect with other parents, deepen your bond with your baby whilst enhancing their development and find calm in your world of parenting.

Each week you will be welcomed into a different theme, story & sensory experience as well as enjoying moments of mindfulness and connection time with other parents.

You will receive all your materials & massage oils as well as a gorgeous welcome gift pack for you and baby.

Babies from 6 weeks old to crawling are welcome
Light refreshments are provided
Parking available

£48 for a 5 week course payable via the link below.
Crescent Yoga, Avondale Road, St Annes

Image by Omar Lopez
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Young Mother and Baby


A gorgeous 5 week session of baby yoga to help you and your baby connect, grow and bond together in a beautiful community of other parents.

Each week we have a dedicated theme as we then follow a lovely journey to incorporate baby yoga, mindfulness & sensory play also.

A great way for parents to connect and enjoy a lovely calm space with their babies.

Within our baby yoga classes you will be guided into the benefit including infant development and mental well-being as well as given the materials so you can continue to do this with them at home too.

On completion of the course your baby will receive a certificate too.

We welcome babies from 8 weeks, those who can hold their heads sturdily right up and through to crawling.

£48 for the 5 week course payable via the link below

Reiki: About Me
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