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Let me introduce myself, I’m Rhay. I’m a Mum of four, a wife to Rob where we live on the Fylde Coast. 
At first motherhood did not present itself easily to me. A reason why you find me here today.

I lost my mum a year before my eldest was born and safe too say time after that and beyond was really chaotic, full of trauma, hurt, negativity and struggle.

This presented my passion for working with other mums and their families who too found themselves faced with challenges of life on a daily basis whilst trying to keep their head above the murky waters of depression and anxiety.

I found myself furthering my experience professionally, working in acute mental health settings and in a role where I would empower others through recovery, training in psychotherapy and sharing all this wonderful knowledge I’ve been credited with. This is what led me to you today. With my graduation on the horizon this year in counselling & psychotherapy and embarking on my journey as a nurture practitioner for parents and babies, it is with amazing honour I get to share with you all, some truly amazing awareness of parenthood. 

My mission is to give as many Mama’s and their families the proven tools and techniques to help them overcome their mental and emotional challenges as they continue to parent too. Also I believe it helps us navigate our own paths of parenting, we teach our own what we come to know and what better than a beautiful sense of ability to cope with the unknown to pass onto our loved ones. This really is the heart of everything I do. I’ve been in that dark place and I wish there had a been a light like this for me at that time. So I can only pray that I am that for you Mama. I look forward to meeting you.

Rhay x

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